About Saaczech

I would like to introduce you to Saaczech, an alternative to plastic bags fulfilling the criteria of the circular economy.

Our main goal is to limit the consumption of plastic bags, to exploit " waste " with great potential, and also to help the less fortunate in protected workshops.
Saaczech is made of parachutes that have been used from discarded military, cargo parachutes.
The parachute we switched to these great saaczeches.
This has helped to prevent waste generation.



How did Saaczech happen?

We no longer wanted to use disposable plastic bags tocreate more and more waste.
Our Saaczech is just aiming to minimize the use of disposable plastic bags.
After months of searching and testing, we discovered great material - parachute.
We just thought we could use the discarded parachutes.
In addition to the parachutes, we sew Saaczech also from another polyamide, which, due to minor cosmetic defects, ends up in waste.
These imperfections, however, do not affect the qualityof Saaczech.
This has succeeded in creating Saaczech - a product of the circular economy.